The Relocation Quandary

Tracey Gemmell Author

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The Relocation Quandary – and some thoughts on publishing.

Dunster’s Calling was released just over a month ago and the roller-coaster ride continues. The phrases “Well, I wish I’d known that,” “It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” and “This is really hard!” echo around my house with each new discovery of a marketing tool I should have used or an avenue I didn’t take. But slowly and steadily word is getting out, and I’m encouraged anew by each reader who contacts me or a review that gets posted. The kind, heart-felt comments about how Dunster’s Calling relates to each reader makes me want to pay for another ride on the roller-coaster. Which brings me to Rodney Broome.

Rodney got in touch through my website, having found Dunster’s Calling via a British expat Facebook group he belongs to. As I read Rodney’s story, I knew I had to ask him…

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