September 2019
Thank you, Spectrum Progressive School in Rockford, Illinois, for inviting me to hang out with your creative writers. I had fun discussing plot structure with you. The chrysanthemum was a lovely surprise! Happy writing!
June 17th, 2019: Honored to be asked to help the No Name Book Club celebrate their 4th anniversary. We’ll be discussing Dunster’s Calling over wine and a home cooked dinner, fresh from Peg’s garden. 


May, 2019: I’m excited to be guest blogging for fellow Brit and expat author Pauline Wiles! Follow the link to read about what inspired More Or Less Annie, why I’m still battling hireth, and what made me get US citizenship after a quarter century in America!


More or Less Annie release date: May 18th, 2019!

April 17th, 2019: Thank you, Legler Valley Road Book Club, for rescheduling me to speak about Dunster’s Calling and my writing process at your next meeting. See you at 7.00pm! Tofflers, 200 5th Avenue, New Glarus, Wisconsin.

March 16th, 2019: Get ready! Book cover reveal for ‘More Or Less Annie’ tomorrow!

January 2019: Many thanks to the Legler Valley Road Book Club for inviting me to speak about Dunster’s Calling and my writing process at their next meeting . See you on 1-30-19, 7.30pm at Tofflers, 200 5th Avenue, New Glarus, Wisconsin. POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER

December 2018: Many thanks to Keri Jones of Exmoor Radio for including me in the podcast. Here’s the link to listen in as we discuss Dunster’s Calling, Exmoor and the pull of home:



November 2018:


Had a great time with Simon Parkin of BBC Somerset on November 10th. Thanks for making me and Dunster’s Calling so welcome, Simon! 


November 8th, 2018: 

Thank you West Somerset Radio and Bryan Leaker for having me on to chat about Dunster’s Calling. Lovely to meet everyone at the studio!

October 2018:

INDIE WITH EASE book release: Looking for a resource to calm and soothe as you head into indie author waters? Check out ‘Indie With Ease’, the new release from Pauline Wiles. Full of practical, encouraging, stress-busting tips for surviving and thriving during the writing, publishing and marketing of your books, this is a must read. It even includes some writer’s life lessons from me! The Kindle version is available now on Amazon, with the paperback due for release in October. 


September 2018:

Many thanks to Pauline Wiles, fellow expat and author, for this lovely interview concerning the joys and not so joys of a writer’s life. Click the link below for the full article on Pauline’s blog.


Save the date!

EXMOOR BOOK FESTSAVE THE DATENOVEMBER 9-11, 2018MINEHEAD, SOMERSET UKDETAILS TO FOLLOWI'll be reading from _Dunster's Calling_Hope to see you there!

July, 2018: Wisconsin Writers Association announces winners in the Jade Ring Contest:


I’m excited to report my short story, “Scooby-Doo and Hobnobs,” won an honorable mention in the humor category of the Jade Ring Contest. It’s been published in the WWA Anthology, released September, 2018. Sign up for my newsletter where I’ll share the story soon! 

Author Talk Poster

September, 2017. Save the Date! Some laughs, some tears, some book signings and some refreshments! Looking forward to meeting you there.

Thank you Self Media Group for declaring Dunster’s Calling a runner up in the 2016 Best Indie Book Competition!


Reviews for Dunster’s Calling

‘As someone not living where I was born, I very much related to the emotional dilemmas in the book. I am neither a horse person, nor a lover of cream teas, but I still really enjoyed this book, especially that quintessentially English wit, which had me smiling, chuckling and laughing out loud at times. It is fast paced, involving and understated. The shifting between now and her childhood worked well. Recommended, and looking forward to the next offering from this author.’

5-star review

This book has left me with a longing for both cream teas and a pony. It made me nostalgic for a childhood that wasn’t mine! 

5-star review

Thank you for a lovely story which made me laugh and cry! I could identify with so much of the narrative, not from the perspective of an émigré but as someone who grew up as a pony mad child in the fifties. Thank you for donating to the welfare of our beautiful “Dunster’s” too!

Review on author website

Loved this book. The author insightfully articulates the path that takes us from childhood dreams to adult reality. A keen sense of humor keeps this intimate journey feeling like an adventure we want to join. Even though I’ve lived my life on only one continent, the book resonated deeply. Seriously. Loved. This. Book.

5-star review

I would read this book again just for pure enjoyment! Moreover, this book has piqued my interest, big time, for a visit to Exmoor one day… it’s been added to my bucket list!

5-star review

Just a delightfully written witty and entertaining book. Hard to put down. Love the way it is written. A rare find.

5-star review

(Dunster’s Calling) endorses my view that yes people are important but places can be too!!

5-star review

Hireth! Now I know the word for my own personal longing! Totally enjoyed this book, Dunster’s Calling. Characters are believable. Setting is magical. Highly recommended for girls with dreams!

5-star review


Check out the link below (page 98) to the Autumn 2016 edition of the Exmoor Magazine for a write up on Dunster’s Calling. You’ll also see news about the Exmoor Pony Centre’s Tenth Birthday!