More Or Less Annie

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See you on the beaches of Costa Rica!


Discovering home isn’t home and you aren’t you is no walk on the beach.

Life’s turned out just as Annie expected. Unfortunately. Low self-esteem, abandonment issues and a twenty-year-old marriage that’s going nowhere trap her in a dull existence. Browsing luxury travel websites is her only pleasure but escape from her gossipy English village seems nothing more than an internet reverie. That is, until Luck launches a new window and whisks her away to Casa Luna.

Taylor controls everything about her penthouse Chicago life until scandal sends her tumbling down Luck’s corporate ladder. Unemployed, and unemployable, she packs her Louis Vuitton suitcases full of vengeance and heads to Central America. There, her former boss is rumoured to be setting up a new venture. If she’s going down, he’s going with her.

Annie and Taylor collide in the exotic waters of Costa Rica, where life becomes anything but a walk on the beach. Why has a tabloid reporter followed Annie to paradise? And what’s a fifty-year-old cold case got to do with it? As Annie’s past slides into shocking focus, Taylor smells opportunity. Annie has a decision to make: Give up control of her life once and for all ‒ or wrestle command from past demons.

Spectacular tropical beaches and luxury villas beckon as MORE OR LESS ANNIE sweeps the reader along on a journey of hope and self-discovery. Join Annie as she fights for a new identity ‒ one piña colada at a time.

Inspiration for the book:

Anyone who’s been to Costa Rica will understand the choice of location. It’s a beautiful country, eco-friendly, quiet and full of exotic plants and wildlife. It’s exactly the kind of place you’d go if you could go anywhere. Annie’s character came to me during a discussion about what I would do if I could do anything. We want to believe if money were no object, life’s problems would dissipate. Deep down we know better, and Annie finds this out in no uncertain terms when a windfall signals the beginning of a whole new set of problems. No matter where you go, your old baggage travels with you.


‘Annie stared at everything that should feel so strange: the flowers with huge waxy heads that would never survive an English frost, the speckled islands surrounded by shimmering skirts of azure and turquoise. None of this should make sense. Yet, somewhere in her soul, this place settled like a handful of glitter thrown into still air.’

MORE OR LESS ANNIE receives 5-star reviews: 

‘The tropical location, witty prose, and plot twists made this hard to put down.’ 

‘What a fun and entertaining book!’

‘Author Tracey Gemmell’s sharp eye for absurdity informs every page of this funny, fast-paced, delayed-coming-of-age novel.’ 

‘Wonderful book, I was so disappointed when it was finished! Ready for another one Tracey Gemmell!’ 

‘I loved this second novel from Tracey Gemmell, which skillfully blends the necessary ingredients of a great story … The characters are engaging, the Costa Rica setting is delightful, and there was just the right level of intrigue in the plot to keep me turning the pages.’

‘Gemmell’s writing is smooth and easy to read. I loved how this novel played on the theme of finding home, alongside finding yourself. Warmly recommended and an ideal summer read.’ Pauline Wiles: author Saffron Sweeting novels

‘While style is fun, fast-paced & funny, there is depth. We are all trying to make and find our homes. Lucky for us Annie has opportunities and adventures that keep us laughing, guessing, and turning the pages as she creates hers.’

‘Absolutely loved Tracey Gemmell’s new novel!’