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This is my favourite page. It’s about fun characters and thought-provoking locations. The greatest compliment I receive is that a reader added a place to their bucket list because they fell in love with it in one of my novels.

Below, you’ll find a little bit about each story, the inspiration behind it, and a favourite quote from it. I hope you discover your ‘home’ among the passport pages.

Dunster’s Calling is currently available worldwide. My second novel is in final production and a third is not far behind. Thanks for travelling with me.


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As a child, Sam knew exactly where she wanted to spend her life: on Exmoor with her soulmate, Dunster—her handsome, loyal and ever-hungry Exmoor pony. But Life had other plans …

Sam finds herself four thousand miles and decades away from her childhood destiny. The discovery of a word—hireth—and her husband’s request that she get US citizenship, cause Sam to second-guess decisions made years earlier. With the clock ticking, she must decide where her heart truly lies. But must she choose between her husband and her homeland?

‘Dunster’s Calling’ is a love story between a girl and her pony, and a woman and the country she left behind. It’s about choices made—seemingly inconsequential forks in the road—that impact destinies forever. It’s a question: does home still exist?

Inspiration for the book
Dunster’s Calling was my attempt to cure my own bout of hireth—a Cornish word meaning homesickness for a home you cannot go back to, maybe a home that never was. As I contemplate returning to England after nearly thirty years in the United States, Dunster encouraged me to look deeper into what I thought I was returning to. The revelations left me both laughing out loud at long-forgotten memories and sobbing into my keyboard at all I’d missed during my time away. Writing this novel was a more emotional journey than I’d originally planned to take.

Quote from ‘Dunster’s Calling’
‘The little colt with a mealie muzzle and soft eyes stared at Sam, unblinking. They’d met before. Sam’s presence was acknowledged with the same interest as a breeze or a view or a starry night, and she knew what it was to be a truly naturalized citizen.’


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