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I’m so glad you found my cyber base—my Inter-nest, as I call it. It’s lined with dreams of home and laments of hireth because I’m an expat. Or maybe it’s because I’m a bit sappy. Whatever. But I often feel torn between countries—falling down the latitudinal and longitudinal cracks of a Trans-Atlantic existence.

My novels focus on searching for somewhere, as opposed to someone. I call my genre ‘geographical romance’. If you google the term, you’ll find nothing. Be patient. I’m just ahead of my time.

My literary mission is to follow characters as they find the place they sleep the best and breathe the deepest. I track them through vineyards and rainforests. I chase them across beaches and stormy moors. I watch them discover ‘home’. I’m like Jane Goodall or David Attenborough—without the binoculars and the tropical disease vaccinations.

Fair warning: it’s not all Julie Andrews twirling and singing in glorious scenery. Or flinging open dusty shutters on a Tuscan villa that needs a remodel. No, there’s plenty of lost baggage, language issues, and unrecognizable menu items. Mishap and mayhem chaperone every journey. I doubt you’ll regret the ride, but I highly recommend trip insurance.


Discover the place you sleep the best and breathe the deepest.

Presenting Tracey Gemmell’s debut novel, Dunster’s Calling, available in paperback and e-reader formats.  Scroll down for links to purchase.




THANK YOU SHELF MEDIA! Dunster’s Calling is a runner up in the 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition!1-2016-runner-up-badge


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