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A British expat living in the United States, my world’s coloured by the Celtic word hiraeth – or hireth, its Cornish spelling. Meaning ‘a deep yearning for home with a sense of loss’, hireth plunges me down the rabbit holes of a foreign existence as I search for home. I’m not alone. My characters are searching, too. I follow them around the world – through vineyards and rainforests, across beaches and stormy moors. I’m well-nigh David Attenborough – just lacking the binoculars and the tropical disease vaccinations. Fair warning: it’s not all singing in glorious scenery or flinging open dusty shutters on a Tuscan villa remodel. No, mishap and mayhem chaperone every journey. Join me ‒ though I highly recommend trip insurance.


Discover the place you sleep the best and breathe the deepest.


Many thanks to Simon Parkin of BBC Somerset for making me and Dunster’s Calling so welcome!

Dunster’s Calling, receives 5-star reviews, like this one: ‘It is a remarkable writer that can take you on a journey that allows you to feel something beyond the scope of your own experience and leave you changed because of it. Tracey Gemmell is that writer, and Dunster’s Calling is that book.’ Kashmira Sheth, author Boys Without Names

Dunster’s Calling is available in paperback and e-reader formats. Scroll down for links to purchase. 


THANK YOU SHELF MEDIA! Dunster’s Calling is a runner up in the 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition!