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Welcome! I’m delighted to see you on my Write Home website. I wonder if you found me while searching for your own home? There are many of us out there, you know – a little ‘geographically lost’, if you will.

As a British expat living in the United States, I often find my body in one location and my heart in another. I know I’m not alone in that. So, how did we come to repot ourselves in foreign soil? Is this new place home? Does the old home still exist? And is it possible to feel foreign at home or at home in a strange land? So many questions.

I write stories about home: what makes us leave, what makes us return. And I bet you have an interesting story of your own about that. I hope you’ll share it. Join me as I Write Home.

Oh, the kettle just boiled. Be back in a moment. Do you take milk and sugar?

Introducing Tracey Gemmell’s novel, ‘Dunster’s Calling’, available in paperback and e-reader formats.  Scroll down for links to purchase.


For more information, photos, and excerpts from the book, visit the ‘Dunster’s Calling’ page on this website.

THANK YOU SHELF MEDIA! ‘Dunster’s Calling’ is a runner up in the 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition!


Here it is! The “Dunster’s Calling” book trailer!

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mmt logo*A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this book to be donated to the Moorland Mousie Trust, working to promote and protect the Exmoor Pony*

Reviews for Dunster’s Calling:

As someone not living where I was born, I very much related to the emotional dilemmas in the book. I am neither a horse person, nor a lover of cream teas, but I still really enjoyed this book, especially that quintessentially English wit, which had me smiling, chuckling and laughing out loud at times. It is fast paced, involving and understated. The shifting between now and her childhood worked well. Recommended, and looking forward to the next offering from this author.
5-star review Amazon.co.uk

For more reviews, visit the media page on this site.

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